Monday, July 7, 2008

Comparison Data!

Memphis is often listed as the Barbecue Capital of the world because of the prevalence of barbecue restaurants around town (and the map's a pretty good indication. By comparison, the greater New Orleans area might have a dozen or so barbecue restaurants total, although they have plenty of other great food).

But perhaps, secretly, we're also number one in another, less publicized category as well.

It's not as if folks actually read this, but IF you do, does anyone care to conjecture about why we have so many Chinese restaurants? That map was slapped together in no time, and is by no means accurate or comprehensive, but that's a lot of Chinese for a city without sizable Chinese community--at least in my opinion. And I left off other Asian ethnic cuisine, so there's no Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, or Korean on the map unless it had some crossover on the menu that I knew of (Pei Wei, for instance).

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