Thursday, March 5, 2009


I haven't been to visit anything new in the past couple of months (lousy diet), but I wanted to update the map to indicate that Memphis Smokehouse on Stage has definitely closed, and Bynum's Barbecue on Airways (which I never got to visit) has been shuttered at lunchtime each time I've passed it in the past couple of weeks. Uncle Sam's Barbecue inside Rangemasters off of Kirby Whitten @ Summer (which was arguably the most entertaining barbecue in town) is listed as closed on its website, but mentions a catering business to be announced in the future.

The economy's taking its victims, although some of these are probably as much victims of poor location and poor marketing as a downturn in the stock market.

Barbecue was born out of poverty, taking the difficult cuts of the pig and--with the proper application of heat, time, smoke, and spice--turning it into something delicious. In theory, it ought to thrive during a recession, assuming you're not in the mood to charge $9 for a $3 sandwich.

In the hopes that better times might bring these places back (Dan's Barbecue on Austin Peay has re-opened as something else I can't recall at the moment Wild Wes'), I'm temporarily changing the colors for shuttered places to purple rather than immediately taking 'em off the map.


Kembree said...

We just did Captain John's and loved it, the owner was so nice an accomodating..

Randal Cooper said...

I still need to get out that direction; I only go to Collierville 2-3 times a year, and always with some other item on the agenda. Thanks for the comment!