Thursday, May 7, 2009

Arnold's Barbecue

Since the neighbor- hood where I work isn't in the classiest part of town, a lot of the more "authentic" barbecue places use the collapsed commercial real-estate market to set up shop. Google Maps lists no fewer than four barbecue places within a ten-minute drive of my workplace that have appeared within the past six months. I thought today would be a good day to give Arnold's on Elvis Presley a try.

Arnold's may have been there for longer than the past six months, mind you--I rarely pass its location. Still, I doubt it's been there long, if only based on the fact that the ubiquitous television in the corner is a flatscreen model. It did seem pretty busy, however, so it's been there long enough to generate a clientele. And for good reason.

The sandwich at Arnold's is powerfully smoky; the meat's 75% pink from smoke exposure, but not dried out. It's chopped a little fine for my tastes--it looks like it would do well just being pulled, which would be a little less labor intensive. It's not doused in sauce, and looks to be assembled with some care. The slaw's made somewhere else, I'm pretty sure, and adds only a little to the sandwich. Still, a good-to-great lunch, depending on how your tastes run.

Ribs, rib tips, and burgers are all available on the menu. Definitely worth a visit.

Arnold's BBQ
4560 Elvis Presley Blvd
Memphis, TN 38116
(901) 345-5992

(If you check the map, you can see that Arnold's is yellow--if my tastes ran just a little differently, it would easily be green--the finely chopped meat and the Sysco slaw really are the only caveats.)


Heather said...

Completely unrelated to Arnold's other than the general vicinity, but I noticed on your BBQ map that you listed Marlowe's as only being open for dinner & it's open for lunch during the summer. Tourist season FTW! I shall be making many trips across the street for lunchtime chicken strips. Yom nom nom.
The End.

MizzMemphiz said...

Correction...the slaw is made at the store (not from sysco). I'm pretty sure because I have seen the lady at the ross location make it.I guess thats why it taste so goooooooooooooooooooooooood to my family. My husband gets food from there every friday we have to have our fix. Just thought I might add that:-)