Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Captain John's Barbecue

I ought to give apologies for the lack of posting, but between dieting and having hit a good portion of the places on the map posts will naturally be appearing less frequently. I DO have two posts in the queue, this one and one on Bar-Ba-Rosa's in Millington, which I'll post when I finally figure out where I put the pictures (but the short version is that it's okay).

Captain John's Barbecue is located close to the roller skating rink in Collierville, where the Memphis Roller Derby will be practicing and competing if they don't find somewhere that isn't as inconvenient is humanly possible to relocate to in the interim. As barbecue places go, it's not bad--think Tops with an extra $2 surcharge. Clearly, one could just go to Tops, save the $2 and the gas, but if, say, you were to be out practicing or competing with roller derby, you could do a lot worse. Then again, the food at the roller rink might be FANTASTIC. Although I doubt it.

Should anyone reading this be unfamiliar with Tops, it's the baseline for quality barbecue in Memphis. A good, solid, satisfying sandwich, but nothing that's gonna make you pound the table in ecstasy, unless you're coming off some sort of fast. Captain John's meets those qualifications--slight smokiness, well assembled, unremarkable sides. Better than you'll find in other parts of the country, definitely, but pretty much run-of-the-mill for Memphis. Not worth a special trip, but if you live in Collierville or are visiting for some reason, definitely someplace that should be in your available options.

Captain John's Barbecue
106 US Highway 72 East
Collierville, TN 38017-2994
(901) 853-8004

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Kembree said...

We loved Captain Johns..know anything about Buck's Smoking Pit, Barbeque Factory, Big Bill's, Beaver Creek, Big D's or Bynum's?? I hear Bynum's moved to Malco Way on Winchester area..but the rest we are stumped on..messing up our B's...

Randal Cooper said...

I've visited all of them except Beaver Creek and Big D's--the standout among them is Big Bill's, which is very similar to A&R.

Kembree said...

Ok, I THINK Big Bill's IS A and R now...Do you have any info if the other's are closed and we should take them off the list??..I am 5 months behind on posts, but check the blog, I am catching up soon :)