Saturday, February 20, 2010

Arlington Barbeque Company

Since I had a few hours free, I stopped by Arlington Barbeque Co early this evening to give their sandwich a try. The jumbo (pictured) was a monster of a sandwich, filled with lightly smoky, pulled pork, slaw that was a little too watery (water from the cabbage can get into the dressing) and soaked the bun, and a little light on the sauce for my taste (but probably spot on for others--it's easier to add it than to take it off, of course).

The baked beans had a heavy dose of garlic added to them--so much so that I mentioned it to the waitress, who asked the cook if she'd added garlic to the beans (yes), and I had to clarify that they were tasty, but you don't normally expect such a healthy dose of it in a side dish.

The total bill came up to over $11, which is a bit steep for a sandwich and a coke, but there WAS enough sandwich there to be two sandwiches elsewhere. Beer is available, and they have ribs and barbecued potato skins, which sounded tasty but weren't what I'd come out for. Definitely worth a visit, and different enough to be worth the drive to see if maybe it could be your favorite place.

Arlington Barbeque Company
11875 Highway 70
Arlington, TN 38002-5364
(901) 867-2250

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